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  • Polymer Kit 2.0: Reference materials to help standardize microplastics research

    Collaborators Timeline Donated materials were received in December 2022. Two LDPE powders will be ready to market in 2024. Additional information Two polyethylene microplastic materials were well-characterized to provide researchers with standardized materials for microplastic research. Analysis of materials included use of various polymer identification methods, including attenuated total reflectance-Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (ATR FTIR), […] Read more

  • Polymer Kit 1.0: Reference materials to help standardize microplastics research

    Collaborators Timeline Funding and polymers were received in June 2020; Polymer Kit 1.0 was completed and launched onto the market in November 2020. Additional information Professional Presentations Polymer Kit 1.0 – To Harmonize Plastic Pollution Research, Pacific Northwest Consortium on Plastics (virtual) Polymer Kit 1.0 – Usefulness of Polymer Reference Materials in Marine Debris […] Read more

  • Method development for the extraction of microplastics from sediment

    Collaborators Timeline Estimated publication date of study findings, March 2023. Additional Information Professional Presentations A Novel Method for the Extraction of Microplastics from Marine Sediment, PacifiChem (virtual) Effective microplastic extraction from deep sea sediment with an affordable and easily accessible density separation device, 7th International Marine Debris Conference (IMDC; Busan, Republic of Korea), September 18-23, […] Read more

  • Reliably generating microplastic particles using novel methods

    Collaborators Timeline Q3 2024 Additional information Professional Presentations N/A Published Papers N/A Read more

  • Development of silicon nanomembrane analysis pipelines (SNAPs) to characterize microplastics

    Researchers / Institutional Affiliations Co-principal Investigators Collaborators Timeline Project is expected to be completed by September 2024 with publication of findings to follow in late 2024 or early 2025. Additional information Microplastics are found in natural waters and in foods and drinks derived from these waters; microplastics are thus ingested and inhaled by humans and […] Read more

  • Microplastics systematic review for mammalian developmental and reproductive toxicity endpoints

    Researchers / Institutional Affiliations Timeline Completion 3Q24 Additional Information Professional Presentations Fitch S, Rogers J, Marty S, Ellis-Hutchings R, Becker R, Wikoff D. Development of a Study Quality Tool for Use in a Systematic Review of Literature Reporting Microplastic Exposure andReproductive and Developmental Toxicity. Society of Toxicology’s 62nd Annual Meeting, March 2023, Nashville Tennessee (US). […] Read more

  • Microplastic risk assessment and model development: Exposure assessment: In silico model, transfer across barriers, in vivo tracking, human stool study

    Researchers / Institutional Affiliations Timeline Funding Source Plastics Europe, Task 2.i. co-funded by Cefic-LRI (as project B24) Additional information The objective of Working Package 2 is to confirm and track the presence of microplastics in thehuman body. There is a focus on: an in silico human exposure computer model, being built incollaboration with Cefic-LRI project […] Read more

  • Microplastic risk assessment and model development: Production and analytical models: Milling, labeling, characterization and baseline testing

    Researchers / Institutional Affiliations Timeline Q2 2022 to Q3 2024 (milling, labeling and characterization), Q3 to Q4 2024 (baseline testing) Additional information Ingestion and inhalation are hypothesized to be the main routes of exposure of humans to microplastics. This project focuses on ingestion. Microplastics will be prepared by the micronization of commercial-grade forms of examples […] Read more