Microplastics systematic review for mammalian developmental and reproductive toxicity endpoints

In this effort, a diverse group of subject matter experts (SMEs) with expertise in systematic review, microplastics, and developmental and reproductive toxicity (DART), are evaluating the potential DART effects associated with microplastics.

Organized by American Chemistry Council

Researchers / Institutional Affiliations

  • Seneca Fitch, Daniele Wikoff & John Rogers
    ToxStrategies, LLC
  • Steffen Schneider & Bjoern Hidding
  • Sue Marty & Robert Ellis-Hutchings
    Dow, Inc
  • Erik Rushton
    (The Netherlands)


Completion 3Q24

Additional Information

Professional Presentations

Fitch S, Rogers J, Marty S, Ellis-Hutchings R, Becker R, Wikoff D. Development of a Study Quality Tool for Use in a Systematic Review of Literature Reporting Microplastic Exposure and
Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity
. Society of Toxicology’s 62nd Annual Meeting, March 2023, Nashville Tennessee (US).

Fitch S, Ellis-Hutchings R, Rogers J, Marty S, Rushton E, Schneider S, Otte J, Norman J, Wikoff D. Study quality evaluation of literature reporting plastic microparticle exposure against
reproductive and developmental toxicity endpoint. Society of Toxicology’s 63rd Annual Meeting, March 2024, Salt Lake City, Utah (US).

Published Papers

(IN DRAFT) Seneca Fitch, John Rogers, Allison Franzen, Robert Ellis-Hutchings, Sue Marty, Jens Otte, Erik Rushton, Susan Borghoff, Daniele Wikoff. DRAFT. Systematic Review of Microplastics and Potential Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity. Unsubmitted.