Microplastic risk assessment and model development: Framework development and risk assessment model, upgrade and maintenance

This is also part of the Plastics Europe Brigid research project to assess potential risks to human health due to microplastic exposure via ingestion. Working Package 4 focuses on risk assessment and model development. Elements of this working package are i) framework development; ii) risk assessment modeling; and iii) risk assessment upgrades and maintenance.

Organized by Plastics Europe

Researchers / Institutional Affiliations

  • Framework development
    Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine (ITEM; Germany)
  • Risk assessment model
  • Risk assessment upgrade and maintenance


  • Framework development: Q4 2023 to Q4 2024
  • Risk assessment model: Q2 2024 to Q4 2026
  • Risk assessment upgrade and maintenance: Q3 2025 to Q4 2026

Additional information

Working Package 4 (risk assessment and model development) will use data from Working Packages 2 (exposure assessment) and 3 (hazard assessment). This research is applying an innovative approach to risk assessment that combines traditional in vivo-based approach with elements from next-generation alternative techniques.

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