Assessing long-range transport of microplastics

This project aims to develop a robust, multimedia environmental fate modelling framework to assess long-range environmental transport of microplastics (and its additives).

Organized by Cefic

Researchers / Institutional Affiliations

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. Antonia Praetorius
    University of Amsterdam
    (The Netherlands)


  • Dr. Todd Gouin
    TG Environmental Research
  • Prof. Mick Whelan
    University of Leicester


March 2019 to March 2021

Additional Information

The ╬╝PLANET modelling framework uses state-of-the art advances in multimedia environmental fate modelling, integrating knowledge of the fate and transport of microplastics and naturally-occurring particles with similar properties, and strengthening understanding of processes influencing long-range environmental transport. Objectives included: applying the microBETR global model to transfer of microplastics from coasts to open oceans; developing models of transfer from rivers to oceans; and devising long-range environmental transport metrics for evaluating and prioritizing microplastics. Project outputs were integrated into a flexible tool that could be integrated into the modeling framework developed by the UTOPIA project.

Further details are available here.

Professional Presentations

Seijo M, Whelan M, Gouin T, Praetorius A. Beyond the Horizon: Unveling Transport Mechanisms and Residence Times of Atmospheric Micro- and Nanoplastics. SETAC Europe 2024. See details here.

Published Papers