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As INC-4 Concludes, Plastic and Chemical Makers Urge Intersessional Work 

Progress Made but Still Much More to Do 

Ottawa, Canada – (29 April 2024) The following may be attributed to Chris Jahn, council secretary of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), speaking on behalf of the Global Partners for Plastics Circularity (GPPC): 

“As the fourth round of negotiations for a global plastics agreement (INC-4) concludes today in Ottawa, the global plastic and chemical industries appreciate the progress governments have made towards a legally binding agreement to end plastic pollution. 

“We remain fully committed to the original timeline to complete a final agreement by the end of INC-5 in December. While INC-4 has made advancements towards a final text, there is still much more to do. We urge negotiators to continue making progress through intersessional work in the coming months. 

“Throughout this round of negotiations, our delegates have been encouraged to hear many governments affirm the need for the plastics agreement to align and not duplicate the functions of other UN agreements and frameworks, such as the Basel Convention, Stockholm Convention, and the recently agreed to Global Framework on Chemicals, as well as global institutions like the World Trade Organization. 

“Our industry is fully committed to a legally binding agreement all countries can join that ends plastic pollution without eliminating the massive societal benefits plastics provide for a healthier and more sustainable world. We will continue to support governments’ efforts by bringing forth science-based and constructive solutions that leverage the innovations and technical expertise of our industry.”  


Global Partners for Plastics Circularity 

The Global Partners for Plastics Circularity is a multinational collaboration of associations and companies that make, use and recycle plastics. GPPC is supported by the World Plastics Council, the International Council of Chemical Associations and many other country and regional plastic associations around the globe. We are advocating a global agreement to help accelerate a sustainable, circular economy for plastics. These modern plastic materials are used around the world to create essential and often life-saving products, many of which are critical to a lower carbon, more sustainable future. 

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